The Best Hostels in Delhi

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Student Hostels in Delhi 2019-20

If you are a student looking for hostels in Delhi, here is the list for you to see from. With hostels for UG and PG students you have lot of options to choose with respect to the area for your convenience. Hostels women with necessary amenities for convenient stay have been specifically mentioned which can be looked upon here. The list of hostel facilities have been taken from secondary sources. So please verify the authenticity of the hostel details enlisted here before opting for it. Also if you wish to get any hostel name and its details enlisted in the website, kindly fill up the details of it in the form below.

Hostels in Delhi

Hostel Name : Arvind Hostel
Address : 9/7, South Patel Nagar New Delhi 110008
Tel : 011-5789830


Hostel Name : Gokul Young Women’s Hostel
Address A 1, Sanwal Nagar New Delhi 110049
Tel : 011-6239156


Hostel Name : Hamilton Lodge
Address : S 153, Panchshil Park New Delhi 110017
Tel : 011-6446124


Hostel Nam : Hotel Oberoi Maidens Hostel
Address : 7, Sham Nath Marg New Delhi 110054
Tel : 011-3975464


Hostel Name : International Students Hostel
Address : Sham Nath Marg New Delhi 110054
Tel : 011-7257227


Hostel Kalra Hostel (for Students)
Address : 349, Prakash Mohala, East of Kailash New Delhi
Tel : 011-64106251


Hostel Name : Laxmi Guest House
Address : 14-B, Vijay Mandal Enclave, Hauz Khas New Delhi 110016
Tel : 011-6867206


Hostel Name : Pavan P Sahni (Saini Guest House)
Address : B 6, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi 110048
Tel : 011-6432134


Hostel Name : Rishi Meera Ashram
Address : B- 1/1363, Vasant Kunj New Delhi 110070
Tel : 011-6133430


Hostel Name : Shakti Womens Hostel
Address : 8/32, Kirti Nagar Commercial Area New Delhi 110015
Tel : 011-5111414


Hostel Name : Shakti Young Womens Hostel
Address : 7/17, East Patel Nagar New Delhi 110008
Tel : 011-5741783


Hostel Working Girls Hostel
Address : Laxmi Bai Nagar New Delhi
Tel : 011-6880113


Hostel Name : Working Girls Hostel
Address : Mandir Marg New Delhi
Tel : 011-3365974


Hostel Name : YWCA Of Delhi
Address : Blue Triangle Family Hostel, Ashok Road New Delhi 110001
Tel : 011-3360133


Hostel Name : YMCA (Tourist Hostel)
Address Jai Singh Road New Delhi 110001
Tel : 011-3361915


Hostel Name : Poorna Prajna Samshodhana Mandiram
Address : Vidyapeeta K Guppa Main Road, Bangalore 560028
Tel : 011-6694026

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