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Are you a Beginner? you can read here How to prepare for UPSC– ideally, fresh beginners or college graduates who are not working and are full-time preparing for the exam. Let’s begin to read…

What is UPSC? The Union Public Service Commission, commonly abbreviated as UPSC, is India’s premier central recruiting agency for central government public servants. It is responsible for appointments to and examinations for Group A and Group B posts under the civil services cadre and defense services cadre of the union government.

For beginner candidates to UPSC, we highly recommend reading our Beginner’s Guide to UPSC Exam. Below are the latest details about UPSC from the IASCoachings Blog, and we have chosen our most useful resources to help you along your UPSC Learning journey

So, if you are preparing for UPSC? Check out our UPSC Starter Guide for Beginner Candidates to know How to prepare for UPSC from the beginning to achieve success in this exam.

UPSC Beginner Guide

What is UPSC Exam?

UPSC Civil Services Examination(CSE) is one of the examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit suitable candidates into civil services of India including IAS, IPS, IFS, and other allied services.

Read the latest updates of our UPSC Beginner Guide to know Everything about What is UPSC Exam?.

UPSC Eligibility:

If the candidates fulfill the eligibility criteria of the UPSC Civil Services exam, then they can appear for the exam. Candidates are not required to submit along with their applications any certificate in support of their claims regarding Age, Educational Qualifications, Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Other Backward Classes and Physically disabled, etc.

The complete UPSC eligibility criteria for the Civil Services exam are explained here in detail. Visit eligibility criteria for UPSC.

UPSC Application Form:

The application procedure for the Civil Services Examination has been changed from the year 2015. Applications for UPSC exams can be submitted online only. No other mode of application is allowed. In order to submit applications for all UPSC exams, candidates are required to apply online, on the following website: www.upsconline.nic.in.

For any further details, visit – How to apply for UPSC Online?

UPSC Syllabus:

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Exam Syllabus is divided into three categories, namely Preliminary, Mains and Interview. Visit Our Syllabus for UPSC page. Here, we’ve mentioned here the detailed information of the Syllabus for UPSC in one place.

Books for UPSC:

The UPSC Syllabus is considered to be very vast and there are a lot of books that need to be read. We have tried to provide you an extensive list of books for UPSC IAS Exam preparation. The IAS Exam or the Civil Services Exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). To Learn an important book-list for the preparation of UPSC (IAS) Prelims & Mains (All Papers).

Here is an article that is helpful for candidates who are going to appear for the UPSC (IAS) Mains paper this year or UPSC (IAS) Prelims & Mains, next year. Visit UPSC Booklist 2021

How to prepare for UPSC?

As we all know that The UPSC civil services exam is taken by lakhs of people in the country every year. It is a three-stage exam that, when cracked, will get you your ticket into a career in the illustrious Indian civil services. The UPSC exam is considered one of the toughest in India because of various factors – the rather large UPSC syllabus, the intense competition, the eclectic nature of the subjects involved, and also the unpredictability attributed to the UPSC papers. On average, a candidate takes three attempts to clear the IAS exam. There are some of course, who have been able to do so in their maiden attempts themselves. If you are a newbie to the civil services exam world, you would have to be a little extra attentive to certain things, if you are serious about your IAS aspirations.

In this article, you can read about a general IAS study plan for beginners – ideally, fresh college graduates who are not working and are full-time preparing for the exam.

Pre-preparation work

Before you commence your IAS preparation, you must do a few things. They are:

  1. Be thorough with the UPSC syllabus. The UPSC syllabus is considered the bible of the exam, and you may rest assured that a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus’ contents will make your IAS journey quite comfortable.
  2. Get the UPSC exam dates. The UPSC exam calendar is out. Grab a copy of it and mark it in red on your calendar.
  3. Be clear of the UPSC format and pattern. Read more.
  4. Prepare yourself mentally for a rollercoaster ride that will leave you a changed person. Be prepared for hard work, smart work, test practices, a lot of reading, writing answers, etc. You must also be ready to reduce the number of hours you socialize and watch mindless television. However, you shouldn’t stop these activities and become a hermit for that would be quite detrimental. Studies must take top priority if you want to clear the IAS exam.

Complacency is to be replaced with measured confidence. And fear is to be overcome with practice, practice, and some more practice.

All the best!