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Beginner’s Guide to UPSC

Beginner’s Guide to UPSC is a complete starter guide to Learn everything about How to prepare for UPSC, Civil Services Examination 2021-22.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the dream career of millions of aspirants in the country. Same is the case with services like Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) etc. Recruitment to 24 services including IAS, IPS, IFS etc is conducted via a common exam called the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE).

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the agency which takes care of the entire recruitment process.

How should start UPSC preparation?

UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) consists of 3 stages. The stages are:

  1. Preliminary Exam (objective)
  2. Main Exam (written)
  3. Interview (personality test)

In this age of the internet, you can clear the IAS exam by self-study and online preparation. Classroom coaching is not necessary.

Read here for the study plan for aspirants who prepare by self-study.

Online IAS Preparation by Self-Study!

Success in UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) = 50% Knowledge + 50% Skills (Strategies).

IAScoachings as a self-study portal for UPSC aspirants has been giving equal importance to knowledge part as well as skills. Our unique products like IAScoachings Prelims Online Test Series incorporate both subject-knowledge as well as exam-skills. We recommend the below steps, to start your preparation.

  • Step 1: The first step you should make while you begin IAS preparation is to enroll in IAScoachings Prelims Online Mock Test Series. The IAScoachings test-based approach is faster and will keep you focussed.
  • Step 2: Buy the recommended UPSC CSE Preparation books from the links ‘IAS Books‘. Refer ClearIAS Test Series Timetable, and collect textbooks mentioned in it. Our mock exams cover NCERT textbooks (Class 6-12) as well as other standard reference textbooks. Read the textbooks on weekdays and take mock exams on weekends.
  • Step 3: Take your UPSC Mains preparation side-by-side with UPSC Prelims preparation. There are some topics relevant only for Mains (for example, Ethics, Internal Security, World History etc). We have explained when and how to cover those in our Prelims cum Mains approach.
  • Step 4: Mock Exams are equally important for Mains, just like Prelims. You need proper answer writing practice to structure your answers in a time-constrained environment. Get your answers evaluated by experts and seek their suggestions for improvement. You can refer the feedback given for answers in our Answer Writing Practice sessions.
  • Step 5: For UPSC Interview, your bio-data (Detailed Application Form or DAF) is the most important thing. Try to figure out the most probable questions from the DAF. IAScoachings Team can help you with DAF analysis. Once you register for IAScoachings Interview program, we will send you a list of 30 most probable questions based on your DAF. Also, take mock interviews to polish your communication and presentation skills. All the best!

3 Strategies for success in the UPSC Civil Services Exam

For best results, we strongly recommend aspirants to follow the three methods developed by IAScoachings in your UPSC preparation.

  1. IAScoachings TTT approach: We advise you to make ‘T-T-T‘ ie. ‘Text-books’, ‘Test-series’, and ‘Techniques’ as the core part of your preparation strategy
  2. IAScoachings Test-based approach: Mock Exams are the fundamental-basis of ClearIAS learning program. Our method of training is such a way that aspirants learn by taking mock exams. ClearIAS Test-series – which integrates learning with test-taking – combines textbooks and techniques to make aspirants exam-ready at the earliest.
  3. IAScoachings Prelims-cum-Main Integrated Approach: By this method, we intend aspirants to prepare for Mains and Prelims in an integrated manner. Overlapping topics should be combined. Non-overlapping topics (subject only for Mains) should be identified and learned separately. By following this method, aspirants will be ready to face the Main exam much earlier than other aspirants who start solely from the Prelims syllabus.

UPSC Exam Dates

Usually, UPSC conducts the Civil Services Preliminary Exam in June. The Main Exam is usually conducted in September. The Personality Test takes almost 3 months to finish. UPSC conducts the CSE interview (or personality test) in the months February – April.

New to here? Find how we help you clear IAS by self-study and online preparation

Congrats for reaching the right place to learn!

IAScoachings is one of the best user-friendly websites. Links to almost all main resources we provide – study materials, pdfs, mock exams, guidance – are provided directly in the home page itself. You can access them from the header and footer menu or using home-page icons.

The following are some of our most popular resources:

  • IAScoachings programs – Know about all IAScoachings programs for UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview.
  • IAScoachings Study Materials – Easy-to-Learn online notes from ClearIAS about current and conventional topics.
  • IAScoachings Online Mock Exams – UPSC Model Exams for Preliminary Exam.
  • UPSC Guidance – Learn what to do and what not to do for UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • IAScoachings Prelims cum Mains Integrated approach – For right strategy.
  • IAS Books – Buy the books recommended by toppers online.
  • Downloads – Most important notes of ClearIAS listed in the easy-to-learn order.
  • IAScoachings sitemap – To understand the website structure.
  • IAScoachings blog – Check our latest updates.

UPSC Civil Services Exam – The Beginner’s Guide To Success

Apart from all the resources mentioned above, ClearIAS has also published “UPSC Civil Services Exam – The Beginner’s Guide to Success“. You can download this book for FREE!

The IAScoachings Beginner’s Guide covers almost all of the queries of freshers (and even veterans) regarding UPSC Civil Sevices Exam (CSE). This includes –

  • UPSC Civil Services Exam Structure.
  • How Should You Start IAS Preparation?
  • How to clear UPSC CSE by self-study and online preparation?
  • The winning strategies.
  • Road Map to Success.
  • Prelims cum Mains Integrated Approach.
  • IAS Exam Eligibility.
  • UPSC Medical Requirements.
  • Latest UPSC Civil Services Exam Notification… and lots more.

“UPSC Civil Services Exam – The Beginner’s Guide to Success” can be a real game changer for you!

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